PIP Prefilled Hydrogel High Profile Breast Implants

Updated on: January 18, 2017

NOTE: PIP (Poly Implant Prothese) has not sold saline breast implants in the United States since May of 2000, following a publicly-released FDA warning letter concerning device failure. PIP was ordered to stop manufacturing silicone breast implants in 2010 as a result of using unapproved silicone gel. Consequently, the company is now defunct. The following information about PIP breast implants is for informational purposes only.

Volume Diameter Projection Smooth Textured
100cc 7.9cm 2.9cm IMHYD-LS-H-100 IMHYD-TX-H-100
130cc 8.4cm 3.4cm IMHYD-LS-H-130 IMHYD-TX-H-130
150cc 8.8cm 3.7cm IMHYD-LS-H-150 IMHYD-TX-H-150
170cc 902cm 3.8cm IMHYD-LS-H-170 IMHYD-TX-H-170
190cc 9.6cm 3.9cm IMHYD-LS-H-190 IMHYD-TX-H-190
210cc 9.9cm 4.0cm IMHYD-LS-H-210 IMHYD-TX-H-210
230cc 10.3cm 4.1cm IMHYD-LS-H-230 IMHYD-TX-H-230
250cc 10.6cm 4.2cm IMHYD-LS-H-250 IMHYD-TX-H-250
270cc 10.9cm 4.2cm IMHYD-LS-H-270 IMHYD-TX-H-270
290cc 11.2cm 4.3cm IMHYD-LS-H-290 IMHYD-TX-H-290
310cc 11.5cm 4.3cm IMHYD-LS-H-310 IMHYD-TX-H-310
330cc 11.9cm 4.3cm IMHYD-LS-H-330 IMHYD-TX-H-330
350cc 12.3cm 4.3cm IMHYD-LS-H-350 IMHYD-TX-H-350
390cc 12.6cm 4.5cm IMHYD-LS-H-390 IMHYD-TX-H-390
430cc 13.0cm 4.6cm IMHYD-LS-H-430 IMHYD-TX-H-430
470cc 13.4cm 4.8cm IMHYD-LS-H-470 IMHYD-TX-H-470
520cc 13.8cm 5.0cm IMHYD-LS-H-520 IMHYD-TX-H-520
590cc 14.5cm 5.2cm IMHYD-LS-H-590 IMHYD-TX-H-590
640cc 14.7cm 5.4cm IMHYD-LS-H-640 IMHYD-TX-H-640
690cc 14.9cm 5.6cm IMHYD-LS-H-690 IMHYD-TX-H-690
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