Your Complete Guide to Nagor Implants

Updated on: July 31, 2018

Nagor is based in the United Kingdom, and is the only company that designs, manufactures and distributes the highest quality breast implants and related medical devices. If you are looking for breast augmentation in the UK, USA or Mexico, look no further.

Nagor’s portfolio of implants is extensive—it has 270 silicone options, and all saline implants are made to order. The CoGel line offers 90 “teardrop” styled silicone implants that resemble the natural breast look. IMPLEO offers 38 options of round shaped, textured (to attach to natural breast tissue and prevent capsular contracture) silicone implants to give your breasts more of a rounded look.

IMPLEO Smooth has 38 options and is the same as IMPLEO, however the shell of the implant is smooth and placed underneath the muscle structure to accentuate natural breast tissue. The GFX and RGI lines are for women who want a rounder shape to their breasts, but with less fullness.

Why doctors choose Nagor

Nagor has 34 years of experience, and uses the highest quality medical grade silicone. Nagor is the premier breast implant manufacturer in the UK, and its silicone implants use industry standard, highly cohesive silicone gel.

Use the links below to view the sizes and specifications of each breast implant type.

Nagor Silicone Implants

Compared to saline, silicone implants are by far the more popular of the two. This is because they are made to exact specification—there is no risk of over- or under-filling these implants, unlike the saline variants. Furthermore, there are surgeons who agree that silicone implants have the most natural look and feel. Read more on the pros and cons of silicone breast implants.

Nagor CoGel Gummy Bear Breast Implants

CoGel Gummy Bear Implants are anatomically-shaped with the Nagotex micro-textured surface. They contain form-stable, highly-cohesive silicone gel, hence the name gummy bear implants.

Anatomical Silicone Gel-Filled Implants

Nagor Inflatable Sizers

These sizers come pre-sterile, and are also designed for re-sterilization for up to 10 additional times. Implant sizers are for cases where the surgeon needs to evaluate the patient prior to placing the real implant. They are temporary, and only serve as placeholders for the real implants.

The CoGel inflatable sizers fall in line with the Nagor silicone-filled breast implants with moderate, high and extra high profiles. Nagor offers sterile inflatable sizers in following varieties:

CoGel Inflatable Sizers

Impleo Smooth Inflatable Sizers & Textured Inflatable Sizers

GFX Inflatable Sizers

RGI Inflatable Sizers

Nagor GFX Implants

Nagor's GFX breast implants are made with a Nagotex Textured surface and 360 Barrier Shell Technology. They offer an extensive choice of profiles and sizes, with 56 implant options in round-shaped profiles. These implants are made from a high-performance cohesive silicone Gel-Fill.

GFX: l GFX High Profile

GFX: l GFX Low Profile

GFX: l Extra High Profile

Nagor Impleo Implants

Nagor's Impleo breast implants are made with a Nagotex Textured Surface and 360 Barrier Shell Technology. There are two types: Impleo and Impleo Smooth. They offer an extensive choice of fully-filled profiles and sizes, with 38 implant options in round-shaped profiles. These implants are made from soft, form-stable, highly-cohesive silicone Gel-Fill.

Impleo: l Smooth Extra High Profile

Impleo: l Smooth Moderate Profile

Impleo: l Smooth High Profile

Impleo: l Textured Extra High Profile

Impleo: l Textured High Profile

Impleo: l Textured Moderate Profile

RGI Implants

Nagor's RGI breast implants are made with a smooth surface and 360 Barrier Shell Technology. They offer an extensive choice of fully filled profiles and sizes, with 48 implant options in round profiles. These implants are made from high performance cohesive silicone Gel-Fill.

RGI: l Extra High Profile

RGI: l High Profile

RGI: l Low Profile

Nagor Saline Implants

Some advantages to saline implants include smaller incisions, lower cost, and greater variability in size. Read more about the pros and cons of saline implants. Mentor Saline-filled breast implants come in a variety of shapes, sizes, profiles and surface textures. They are filled with a saltwater solution that is very similar to the fluid that makes up the human body.

Nagor's low-profile saline implants are available in both smooth and textured shells. The chart below includes the base width, anterior projection and volume for both Nagosil (smooth) and Nagotex (textured) implants.

Smooth and Textured High Profile Saline
Smooth and Textured Low Profile Saline

Nagor Warranty Information

Nagor offers a lifetime guarantee on all silicone implants via the GC Aesthetics Comfort Guarantee program. Patients who receive Nagor implants are automatically enrolled into the program at no extra cost.

In the event of a rupture or capsular contracture, Nagor’s warranty allows patients to choose any model, style, or size as replacements. The warranty does not cover replacements for dissatisfaction, cost of revision surgery, or implantation from non-certified or licensed physicians. Note: Custom or non-catalog items are also not covered.

Check out our comprehensive list of breast implant warranties.

Updated June 30, 2016

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