XL Breast Augmentation in Noblesville, Indiana (IN)

Extra-large breast augmentation may help you achieve your ideal breast size, but there are more health risks associated with large implants. The largest silicone implant available in the U.S. is 800cc, but manufacturers can make custom saline implants up to 1500cc or larger.

How XL breast augmentation is performed

XL breast augmentation surgery is usually done under general anesthesia, and the procedure is similar to standard breast augmentation. Your surgeon will make incisions near your breasts, usually along your breast creases, around your areolas, or in your armpits. Your surgeon then cuts pockets in your breast tissue and places your implants. Your incisions are then stitched closed.

Large implants can stretch your skin and breast tissue too thin. Your surgeon may add fat to your breasts with a procedure called lipofilling to help with this issue. Fat is liposuctioned from another area of your body, cleaned and processed, and then injected into your breasts. Your surgeon may also do stages of surgery to stretch your breast tissue and skin gradually by putting in larger implants every 6–12 months.

Common risks

The risks of extra-large implants are more significant compared to smaller implants, and may necessitate future surgeries and revisions. Your surgeon can explain the risks that you may face. Risks include:          
  • Excessive breast tissue and skin stretching, including excessive sagging          
  • Bad implant positioning and asymmetry          
  • Capsular contracture, where the scar tissue around your implant grows thick and hard
  • Infection that can lead to other medical complications          
  • Pain in the neck, back, and shoulders from the extra weight of the implants

Recovery after surgery

Most women can start to return to their normal routine after about one week. Your pain, swelling, and soreness will vary depending on the extent of your surgery and can last for a few weeks or more.  


The cost of XL breast augmentation depends on your area, surgeon, and the extent of your procedure. Anesthesia fees and surgical facility fees vary as well. The size of the implants you choose usually doesn’t affect cost. Your surgeon can explain what your costs will be.

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