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Breast Reconstruction Questions

I had reconstructive full lift and 255 gummy bears on both sides under. I’m struggling with what I think is lateral displacement
Breast Reconstruction -1 answer
Six weeks I had a large fibroadenoma 35 mm+ removed a full lift & 255 cc smooth gummy bears on both sides. It looks like I have a gap & saggy boobs when I lay down. How far across the breast is the implant supp... Read more
Reconstructive Surgery for PCOS
Breast Reconstruction -4 answers
I have PCOS. My left breast never developed properly, and I have to wear a prosthetic every day to look normal. Is there any way to get help with insurance to cover reconstructive surgery to look normal? I hav... Read more
Is it possible to special order narrow implants, but ones that project and look natural?
Breast Reconstruction -20 answers
My chest is narrow, so I believe I need narrow implants. The thing is, I want the implants to project and have a natural shape. Is it possible to special order implants with what I've described? Read more

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