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Choosing the size of your breast implants can be a tough decision. You want them to be big enough to make a difference in your appearance, but you also don’t want to risk going too big and regretting it down the road. Thankfully, many surgeons across the country are offering technology that enables you to virtually “try on” different size implants during the consultation period.

The Axis Three’s 3D simulation system captures your body image and allows you to compare your “before” image to multiple “after” images. By seeing actual pictures of yourself with various size implants, you’re able to make a better informed decision and receive a satisfactory surgical outcome. You can compare images side by side and from any angle to see the difference.

Ninety-one percent of women said Axis Three improved the consultation experience and enabled them to make decisions with greater confidence.

View a demo and get more information on their website.

Updated August 2016

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