Sientra HSC+ Textured Shaped Silicone Implants - Oval Base High Projection

Updated on: September 15, 2017

Sientra HSC+ stands for High-Strength Cohesive silicone gel. It is the first FDA-approved shaped breast implant--not too hard, not too soft. The textured surface is designed to maintain the position of the implant in your body. This implant is oval-shaped and offers high projection.

HSC+ implants combine Sientra's proprietary silicone gel interior with a durable outer shell to create a soft, natural-like feel without sacrificing the integrity of the implant. Sientra's HSC implants have often been described as "gummy bear" implants, which is a non-medical term used to describe implants that retain their shape.

Breast implants in the HSC+ Textured Shape family by Sientra include:

The chart below provides the weight, height, projection and volume for a HSC+ Textured Shaped Oval Base High Projection implant.

Updated June 30, 2016

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