Round Breast Implants: This is What You Need to Know

Updated on: July 30, 2018

Round breast implants are just that: round. If a round implant "turns" in the pocket, it still maintains its round and symmetrical shape, and it will not cause any distortion in the breasts' appearance. As opposed to the teardrop shape, the round breast implant shape was designed to closely imitate the natural breast gland.

What are round breast implants?

Round breast implants come in a variety of sizes and dimensions, as well as low, medium, and high profiles. They come in smooth and textured surfaces.

What are the benefits to round breast implants?

One of the main benefits of using round breast implants is that they can be used with a smooth, rather than textured shell. Smooth shells have less chance of rippling than textured shells. Round implants are less expensive than teardrop implants. They’re the most widely used for breast augmentation and give a soft, rounded look to the breast. There are a variety of sizes and diameters to choose from, making them able to fit a variety of body shapes and sizes. Round breast implants, despite their name, take on a teardrop shape when the patient is standing, which can appear natural. When the patient is lying down, the round implants tend to move outward, which is also akin to a natural appearance. Many patients consider these factors to be benefits of round breast implants.

Who is the best candidate for round breast implants?

Round breast implants can be a good option for many different patients, but many doctors agree they are especially good for women who have been pregnant and have breastfed. The round shape restores the original fullness above and below the nipple, where the breast generally loses volume post-pregnancy.

Do round implants look as natural as teardrop implants?

It’s a common myth that round implants produce a "fake" look. This is not the case. Round implants can look just as natural as teardrop (anatomical) implants, and vice versa. Actually, when a round implant is held in a vertical position, it takes on the same shape as the anatomical implant, which has been proven through X-rays. Ultimately, the result you get with your implant will depend on your anatomy and the amount of tissue you start with, as well as your plastic surgeon, and how they create the pocket.

Updated September 2016

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