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JustBreastImplants (JBI) small team of writers and editors come from backgrounds in journalism, social media, and online media production and are based in parent company Internet Brands' headquarters in El Segundo, California. We work across media for a number of websites serving cosmetic surgery and dermatology clients, including PlasticSurgeons.com, SkinCareGuide.com, DermaNetwork.com, and JustBreastImplants.com. These long-standing physician directories and patient information websites are designed to help those looking for cosmetic procedures to make informed decisions about which procedures will best suit their needs. 

In addition to hundreds of articles, a before and after image gallery and a physician Q&A tool, JustBreastImplants features the largest online forum dedicated to breast augmentation as well as a robust community on Facebook (be sure to join our private Facebook group!) and Instagram where real women discuss all things breast augmentation.

About Internet Brands

Internet Brands is an American new media company based in El Segundo, California that operates online media, community, and e-commerce sites in vertical markets. The consumer internet division owns and operates more than 95 websites in seven categories including health.

Our health division is among the fastest growing at Internet Brands and includes venerable brands such as WebMD, Medscape, Demandforce and many others. Since acquiring WebMD/Medscape in 2018, Internet Brands has become a world-leading health information provider, reaching 90% of American physicians and more than 150 million Web users a month.

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