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Breast Implant Replacement Questions

Would lowering my pockets help give a little sag to my breasts?
Breast Implant Replacement -8 answers
I had a breast augmentation in 2008. Now, my right side is starting to deflate and my left side has capsular contractor. Both of my breasts sits pretty high and doesn't have any sag what so ever. Prior to my im... Read more
My wife have has implant device card of EUROSILICONE, but we would like to know the specifications like diameter, projection, etc.
Breast Implant Replacement -4 answers
She is happy with her implants but she would likes to change it for another EUROSILICONE with more proyection, We think it is important to know what is the diameter, projection and material of the actual impla... Read more
What is the difference between Mentor silicone gel implants and MemoryGel silicone implants?
Breast Implant Replacement -2 answers
I have Mentor silicone gel implants and am considering a revision. I have 2 questions: (1) How are the MemoryGel implants different from the Mentor implants that I have now? (2) If I want to replace with the pr... Read more
Looking to go from 1800cc saline over the muscle (1000 shell overfilled) to around 3000cc. Willing to travel but looking for a surgeon.
Breast Implant Replacement -2 answers
Also debating on same size shell over filled to the maximum or traveling to Italy for a larger shell with an over fill. What’s the safer option? Read more
Should I have my implants removed or replaced with smaller ones?
Breast Implant Replacement -5 answers
I want my large implants removed. I was told I would need a lift afterwards. Then I was told by another surgeon that I have no sagging and my nipples are placed perfect from a prior lift I had years ago and an ... Read more
During implant exchange, will having a capsulotomy or capsulectomy reduce my chances of getting capsular contracture?
Breast Implant Replacement -2 answers
I'm 5'9", 160lbs, BWD 15. I wish to upgrade from 400cc textured anatomical implants (Natrelle 410) to 700-800cc smooth round implants. What are the most important factors in mitigating the risk of capsular cont... Read more
Is this true or not?
Breast Implant Replacement -2 answers
I have been told that after 10 years or longer, by law, my doctor or doctors have to replace my implants for free. Read more
Is it normal to have numbness after surgery?
Breast Implant Replacement -3 answers
I had BI replacement surgery on Dec 4. Switched from 345 cc saline to 650 cc silicone mentor high profile. My left foot, leg and breast have been numb for the past two days. Will it go away? Should I be worried Read more
What implant replacements should I choose for more projection and fullness?
Breast Implant Replacement -8 answers
I am 45 years old. 5' 6" 124 lbs. 32 small C. Exchanging 24 yr old saline textured allergen implants-want to go bigger- 455 mod + or 470 HP sientra. My current implants are saline 300 11.9 base 4.1 projection.... Read more
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What is causing this to happen?
Breast Implant Replacement -1 answer
Day 8 post-op—just got a pinching sensation on top of the left breast. I only feel it when I move a certain way or press on it (no swelling no redness). No fever and no pain anywhere else on the breast. Read more
I got my breast implant in 2004 and my left implant ruptured three weeks ago .
Breast Implant Replacement -1 answer
Please I need help fixing this, the implant is trying to push out of my skin. I'm 41 years old an have six kids this is completely and utterly horrible. Read more
Breast revision with an anchor lift.
Breast Implant Replacement -7 answers
I will be undergoing an explant/implant surgery with an anchor lift. I currently have 360cc implants filled to 390 cubic centimeters. I will be replacing with gummys. I wish to go smaller. My doctor requested 2... Read more
What is the best way to fix problems with boob replacements?
Breast Implant Replacement -4 answers
One boob is high up and will not drop into place and the other boob is in place but now has dropped past my incision. I could wear a shirt without a bra with my other implants but now that I’m bigger one nipp... Read more
Is it possible to make the breast pocket larger without removing the implant so the breast will drop more for an even more natural look?
Breast Implant Replacement -2 answers
I've had two surgeries (200 cc) and the implants look too high for my taste. I went on my second surgery to decrease to 175 cc, which looks great for my petite frame. I like the results. The only problem I find... Read more
Car accident and had surgery to replace, but MRI shows masses of silicone still inside with a rippled implant. Is it dangerous?
Breast Implant Replacement -6 answers
Disucussed with my doctor three times and had images sent directly to him. But after two months, I went to have an MRI and there were MASSES silicone I can fell, and the implant is rippled since there is no ro... Read more
My new implants are significantly different in size. What should I ask my doctor?
Breast Implant Replacement -4 answers
Prior to surgery I asked my doctor if I could see the type of implants he would be using. He said no. I asked him if he would have several implants available to him during surgery to assist him in choosing the ... Read more
Why doesn't my surgeon have knowledge of this information?
Breast Implant Replacement -2 answers
I previously had 450cc saline replaced with 415cc cohesive gel. My surgeon said this was an equivalent size. I feel much smaller and not as full. I decided to do my own research. Natrelle states that when you e... Read more
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