Transaxillary Breast Augmentation Incision (Armpit Incision)

This particular incision has the advantage of leaving no scars on the breasts. The incision site is in the armpit, in the natural "folds" of skin, making it well-hidden. Should the scars not heal as nicely as you expect, chances are, most people won't associate scars in the armpit area with breast surgery of any kind. Most people don't pay that much attention to this area anyway.

Many believe that placing implants via this incision is not possible without the use of an endoscope. This is not so. If you have an experienced surgeon, it can most certainly be done. But, if your surgeon isn't skilled at placing them "blindly" (meaning without an endoscope), you run the risk of having implants that are lopsided. Some surgeons feel that the endoscope offers no perceivable benefit. However, this is based on their own experiences, and is an opinion, not a fact.

As with the TUBA method, the transaxillary incision means that the surgeon will be working farther away from the breast, which is more difficult. Again, finding a surgeon that has experience in this procedure is a must.

Breast implants can be placed over the muscle, partially underneath the muscle, or completely behind the muscle/fascia with this incision.

The downside to the transaxillary incision is that if a complication occurs, and you need to have another surgery, chances are, you'll wind up getting a different incision. Some surgeries are just too difficult to perform via the armpit incision. Some examples are bottoming out after surgery, symmastia, and capsulectomy.

Reviewed September 2016

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