Implant Profiles: What to Know About Breast Implants

Updated on: April 1, 2019

Breast implants come in a variety of "profiles." There are: low profile, moderate profile, moderate plus profile, high profile, extra full profile/projection, etc. High profile breast implants usually have a narrower base and project more than low or moderate profile breast implants.

The photos below show a Mentor style high profile saline breast implant (blue) compared to a moderate profile saline breast implant (green). As you can see, the high profile breast implant is smaller in diameter and projects much more than the moderate profile breast implant.

Four different breast implant profiles

Here you can see the profile views of the four principal types of implant. Notice the width and projection of each type.

Implant Profiles: Moderate, Moderate Plus, High Profile, Ultra High Profile

  • The moderate breast implant is nearest to the low profile, widest base implant. They provide the least projection of the four but the widest girth.
  • The moderate plus breast implant has a slightly higher projection than moderate profile but retains a similarly wide base.
  • The high profile breast implants offer greater projection with a more narrow base. Most compare this implant shape to a tennis ball as opposed to the lower profile implants.
  • The ultra high profile provides the greatest amount of projection with the narrowest base. Select these implants for greater upper fullness of the breasts.

The best implant profile for you

Your profile type will depend on your anatomy. If you have a wide breast base, you may not be able to use a high profile breast implant. If you have a petite build, don't assume that your small size automatically qualifies you for high profile implants. You can be 4'10", 85 lbs, and still have a wide breast base.

While some women want high profile breast implants because of the projection they offer, others want wide implants (moderate or low profile) so that they can have "side-boobs." Again, you don't want an implant that doesn't "fit" your anatomy. Visit the gallery to see photos of individuals who selected implant profiles that fit their anatomy, as well as those who did not.

Anatomical implants

In addition to round breast implants, patients can elect anatomical implants to achieve their goals. Anatomical implants come in varying heights, widths, and profiles. Below is a picture of the Allergan 410 collection. Similar considerations should be observed for anatomical implants as round implants.

Natrelle Anatomical Implant Profiles

See an implant type that you think is right for you? Contact a doctor in your area to set up a consultation.

Updated September 2016

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