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What can be done to fix this revision surgery?
I had revision surgery May 2017, a lift with 280cc low profile Sientra gel. My implants are out of pocket, fall under arms and below incision. They lay flat on my chest. My plastic surgeon says there is nothing... Read more
Which is the best profile to get to achieve more upper pole fullness and/or cleavage enhancement?
I plan on getting silicone implants, under the muscle, and underarm incision. Read more
I’m one week post-op today and was wanting a bit more of the “fake” look with more round and upper cleavage.
I’m 5’7 and was 130 lbs. at the time of surgery. I’ve dropped 7lbs in recovery. My surgeon opted for 550cc’s HP round silicone under the muscle. I got my bandages off yesterday and I absolutely love the... Read more
Both of my incisions (under the breast) are painful 3 days post op. Is this normal?
When I am laying down or sitting up the pain is minimal or none. However, when I stand up and the breast has a chance to move the incisions burn very badly. It brings me to tears. Walking hurts quite a bit. The... Read more
Is it normal that one of my breasts feels like it’s moving when I walk and still hurts 3 months post op?
Hello! I had 365 cc textured subglandular implants plus lift 3.5 months ago and the left still hurts when I walk. It feels like it’s bouncing or moving. It was larger at first too but now it’s even. I can�... Read more
I'm completely unsatisfied with my surgery. I am 4 weeks post-op. They are low with nothing left to drop and are flat on top with loose skin. What sho
I'm 4 weeks post-op. They're low with nothing left to drop and are flat on top with loose skin. I'm 40 years old, weigh 125 lbs, 5 foot seven. I had 325 cc that were in for 17 years. I had 2 children in that ti... Read more
Are these implants too small for my frame, height and goals? Is bigger possible?
I’m 5'8", 140 lbs, BWD 13, pre 170cc 34a, waist 27", hips 38". I Wanted full C cup. I showed my doctor pictures. He pushed for a large B cup b/c he thought it would look better, not b/c of medical issues. We... Read more
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How do I handle not being happy with the outcome with my surgeon?
Breast Enhancement - 6 answers
I am four weeks post op and see my surgeon for my follow up tomorrow. My breasts look 100% better! But they look good, not great. They are not what I expected and not what I was made to think they would be. I d... Read more
I had a breast lift with implants 10 days ago. When the tape was removed I was left with a bubble between my breasts. What can I do?
Breast Lift - 2 answers
It's like a small, quarter-sized puffy Lump. My plastic surgeon says it is not fluid filled, couldn’t explain it but wants to wait for two months for them to settle. I am very sad. They have a hard tube insid... Read more
Is it normal to still have a lot of inflammation on one breast 11 days after surgery?
I went to my doctor today and he said that I'm still very swollen and if by next week the inflammation hasn't gone down he has to do surgery again. One breast dropped already which was the one that he put a sma... Read more
Is this a double bubble?
On 2/6/18 I had a breast augmentation with Allergan round 415cc high profile silicone gel implants. The left breast has a slight indentation along the bottom. It's more noticeable when I raise my arms. Since I'... Read more
Could the lift be higher or is this as high as it would go?
Breast Lift - 1 answer
I had a mastopexy with augmentation on May 2, 2018. The PS put in 195cc of saline because I already had a lot of breast tissue. I was not concerned with size but more concerned with upper fullness. It has been ... Read more
Looking to go from 1800cc saline over the muscle (1000 shell overfilled) to around 3000cc. Willing to travel but looking for a surgeon.
Also debating on same size shell over filled to the maximum or traveling to Italy for a larger shell with an over fill. What’s the safer option? Read more
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