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My doctor recommends capsulotomy on the right breast but doesn't sound confident about the final results. Should I get a new surgeon?
I got submuscular silicone breast implants almost 11 months ago. I was "almost perfectly symmetrical". After the surgery, the right implant seemed higher than the left and never dropped in the pocket properly. ... Read more
I’m 3 weeks post-breast augmentation and have noticed my incision is leaking. Should I be worried?
I had a breast augmentation 3 weeks ago. I was sitting down, sneezed, and felt wetness coming from my crease incision. It’s not the whole incision, just a little piece. Should I be worried? It’s not a lot, ... Read more
The surgeon who is going to do my breast augmentation never discussed implant volume and only recommended silicone under the muscle. What to do?
I had a consultation 1 week ago. He was kind and knowledgeable, but I felt extremely rushed. He's done beautiful work on two of my friends—their recovery was quick and without complications. I paid $1000 down... Read more
During implant exchange, will having a capsulotomy or capsulectomy reduce my chances of getting capsular contracture?
I'm 5'9", 160lbs, BWD 15. I wish to upgrade from 400cc textured anatomical implants (Natrelle 410) to 700-800cc smooth round implants. What are the most important factors in mitigating the risk of capsular cont... Read more
After a breast lift with augmentation, my implants are riding high, look kinda flat and they touch in the middle. Should I have chosen mod implants?
Breast Lift - 1 answer
When my PS chose low plus profile, I was a bit concerned. I expressed my concerns and was reassured I’d get a good result so I trusted him. Now, 4 months PO I’m not thrilled. My implants ride high, look kin... Read more
Has anyone had surgery while on Isotretinoin?
Has anyone had surgery while taking Isotretinoin (e.g. Accutane or Roaccutane)? Read more
What's the difference between board certified and AOA certified?
Mommy Makeover - 3 answers
The doctors we are looking at for a breast lift and tummy tuck are board certified. One is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery; the other is certified through the American Osteopathic Association... Read more
How do I know if a surgeon is board certified?
Mommy Makeover - 2 answers
I am doing research on surgeons and have a scheduled mommy makeover. I can't find anything online for my doctor. He is claiming to be double board certified in plastic and reconstructive surgery but nothing onl... Read more
How is it possible that my cohesive silicone implant that’s 2.5 yrs old ruptured?
I have cohesive silicone gel implants by Mentor that were placed ~2.5 years ago. I had to get an MRI & mammogram done for breast cancer screening, which is when they found that my right implant is ruptured. I�... Read more
Would 575-650cc Mentor silicone smooth round implants give me a natural-looking DD?
I’m 5’10, 169 lbs board back. I think BWD is 14.5, so I'm like a B. Lost boob size from working out. Perky, no sag though. I’m wanting a DD full cleavage and side boob, but don’t want them resting up to... Read more
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Will my breast pocket stretch over time? I was very clear with my surgeon about wanting a natural slope. I don't have this.
He told me there was no noticeable difference between rounds and anatomical. I'm coming up on my one-year post-op and I'm really not happy. There's a very abnormal shape to them. I'm quite sad about it. I consi... Read more
One breast implant is noticeably bigger than the other. What should I do?
I am 4 months post-op of a breast aug with silicone implants. My left breast was smaller than the right to begin with. My PS did a 500cc implant on the left and 425 on the right. Now my left breast is noticeabl... Read more
What is the best way to fix problems with boob replacements?
One boob is high up and will not drop into place and the other boob is in place but now has dropped past my incision. I could wear a shirt without a bra with my other implants but now that I’m bigger one nipp... Read more
Is 430cc's enough to get to a 34D cup with a narrow chest?
I am a 34B now, after breastfeeding of two kids. I am expecting 34D cup after breast augmentation surgery. My doctor suggests I choose 430cc ultra high profile but said it can be more than I am expecting. I am ... Read more
What are some options for encouraging my breast implants to settle?
I am 2 months post-breast augmentation. One of my implants isn’t settling into the pocket. My doctor doesn’t believe in massages or the band. What are some options to correct this? Also, at what point is it... Read more
How do I know if I have implant displacement?
Since surgery, my right breast has done really well—it’s dropped and fluffed. My left, however, is still struggling and is showing no signs of dropping. The only progress thus far is the swelling is gone an... Read more
Do I have a capsular contracture after my hematoma?
I'm 2 weeks post-op. My PS confirmed I had a "slight" hematoma in my right breast at 4 days po. That breast has hard lumpy nuggets in it and the whole breast is very firm. It is nothing like my left. It rides h... Read more
Will my breasts look bigger after dropping and fluffing? I'm scared that they will get smaller because I love the size they are now.
I had 410cc high profile silicone implants placed under the muscle 1 week and 4 days ago. I am 6,2m in length and weight is 51kg. I was a small A-cup before. I really would love to be at least a D-cup. Will my ... Read more
One of my textured saline breast implants is smaller than the other and feels like it's folded in. It's also sore. Do I need it (or both) replaced?
I had textured saline breast implants placed in 1995. Recently I noticed one breast is smaller and feels like it's folded in. That breast also has a sore area. Do one or both of the implants need to be replaced... Read more
Can lack of cleavage be fixed with a second breast augmentation without changing implant size?
I had breast augmentation on January 16. I had no complications. I like the size and how they feel. However, I don't have cleavage. My breasts are too far apart, so that makes me feel embarrassed and sad. I can... Read more
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