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How long will it take for my breast to drop and fluff?
Breast Augmentation - 17 answers
I had breast augmentation 6 weeks ago and they seem to have settled but i'm unsure. I'm feel like they are too small. I have tried on bras and I measure into a 32DD as well as 34 C sister size (I was a 32a pri... Read more
Do the breast implants look smaller than the sizers once placed under the muscle?
I'm worried my 400 cc silicone is too big. I liked the sizer and my doctor told me it would look smaller. Read more
I was a 38 B and now have 560cc silicone gel Inspira implants. Should I have gone bigger? Will my breasts look more natural with time?
Breast Augmentation - 13 answers
I had a breast augmentation on April 8th. I feel like they are shaped funny and not as big as I wanted. I went submuscular. Prior to the surgery, I was a 38 B and now I have 560 cc silicone gel Inspira implants... Read more
If you overfill 800cc breast implants to 1200cc would this give you the same look as 1200cc?
Breast Augmentation - 20 answers
I want the fake Barbie doll high projected look. I want to know what I am getting before I get my breast done. Read more
Is there a big difference between HP and moderate plus?
Breast Augmentation - 19 answers
I thought I was getting 400cc high profile silicone but my PS said they'll be 400cc moderate plus. I wanted a natural but big look, a D cup, and a small gap. Maybe that's why he chose those? Is there much diffe... Read more
If am naturally a 34A, what size might I be once my 355cc implants settle?
Breast Augmentation - 13 answers
I just had surgery yesterday and I got 355cc's. They look so small in my surgical bra and wrap. I'm worried that they won't be big enough. Do you know what size I might be once the implants settle? I'm hoping s... Read more
Is a 650cc breast implant too large for a woman 5'4" and 135 lbs?
Breast Augmentation - 15 answers
I have friends who've gotten 500cc's and their breasts are quite big. After trying the 650cc sizers, they seemed to compliment my body more. Is there a big difference between the two sizes? Is 650 too large? Read more
Are Extra Large (XL) implants really unsafe?
Breast Augmentation - 14 answers
I'm a little lost on the XL implants matter, that I personally like. Are they really unsafe? What are the reasons for that? It seems most PS don't recommend/perform them. Is it by lack of experience/expertise? ... Read more
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What's a ball park cost for Augmentation?
Breast Augmentation - 27 answers
I know there is a vast amount of factors that go into breast augmentation, lifts, and implant manufacturer costs alongside anesthesia, facility, meds, and other costs. But in your experience what is a ball park... Read more
Will 485cc smooth moderate plus silicone implants over the muscle be huge?
Breast Augmentation - 19 answers
I am 5"4 and 145lbs. I am currently a 34C and would like to be a Dcup. My PS recommend a lift. I informed him i wanted implants but still want a natural look. PS recommended 485cc smooth moderate plus silicone ... Read more
My breast implants are high and look square. Is this normal?
Hi, I had surgery on 10/13/2016. I got 405cc hp under the muscle. My implants are high and they look square. Is this normal? When will they start to take their shape? They look smaller than what I expected. Wi... Read more
Is there much of a difference between 375cc and 550cc silicone breast implants?
I have 375cc under the muscle silicone implants. I am having them redone and chose 550cc silicone implants, also under the muscle. Will there be much of a difference? Read more
My silicone implant is 455cc, what exactly will my final size be?
Breast Augmentation - 13 answers
I was a full A, small B. My silicone implant size is 455 cc. What exacally is going to be my final size? Read more
How much do only Natrelle silicone implants cost?
I had a breast lift with Natrelle silicone implants. They were so small (250cc). It has been 6 months and I still cry. What would just be the cost of the implant, not the surgery? Read more
If I'm going for a Barbie doll look, will 1200cc or 1250cc help me achieve that?
Breast Augmentation - 10 answers
I am 5'7" and weigh 158 pounds. I want XL implants. My goal is to have a Barbie doll/Playboy model look. Based on my height and weight, would 1200cc or 1250cc help me achieve that? I want high projection and si... Read more
My implant ruptured, how much would it cost for replacement surgery? Also, is my Pilates profession compromising my implants?
I'm 3 years into my first BA and I'm almost positive I have a rupture. There is pain in my left side; there always has been. Two days ago I found a gel-like mass near my armpit. I know the implants are covered... Read more
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