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How long will it take for my breast to drop and fluff?
Breast Augmentation - 17 answers
I had breast augmentation 6 weeks ago and they seem to have settled but i'm unsure. I'm feel like they are too small. I have tried on bras and I measure into a 32DD as well as 34 C sister size (I was a 32a pri... Read more
I was a 38 B and now have 560cc silicone gel Inspira implants. Should I have gone bigger? Will my breasts look more natural with time?
Breast Augmentation - 13 answers
I had a breast augmentation on April 8th. I feel like they are shaped funny and not as big as I wanted. I went submuscular. Prior to the surgery, I was a 38 B and now I have 560 cc silicone gel Inspira implants... Read more
Is a 650cc breast implant too large for a woman 5'4" and 135 lbs?
Breast Augmentation - 15 answers
I have friends who've gotten 500cc's and their breasts are quite big. After trying the 650cc sizers, they seemed to compliment my body more. Is there a big difference between the two sizes? Is 650 too large? Read more
Do the breast implants look smaller than the sizers once placed under the muscle?
Breast Augmentation - 10 answers
I'm worried my 400 cc silicone is too big. I liked the sizer and my doctor told me it would look smaller. Read more
If you overfill 800cc breast implants to 1200cc would this give you the same look as 1200cc?
Breast Augmentation - 20 answers
I want the fake Barbie doll high projected look. I want to know what I am getting before I get my breast done. Read more
If am naturally a 34A, what size might I be once my 355cc implants settle?
Breast Augmentation - 13 answers
I just had surgery yesterday and I got 355cc's. They look so small in my surgical bra and wrap. I'm worried that they won't be big enough. Do you know what size I might be once the implants settle? I'm hoping s... Read more
Is there a big difference between HP and moderate plus?
Breast Augmentation - 19 answers
I thought I was getting 400cc high profile silicone but my PS said they'll be 400cc moderate plus. I wanted a natural but big look, a D cup, and a small gap. Maybe that's why he chose those? Is there much diffe... Read more
225cc or 250cc? Is there a big difference between the two? Which size would you recommend?
Breast Augmentation - 14 answers
My breast augmentation is next Saturday and I am hesitating between 225 and 250cc submuscular silicone! I am a 32A/tiny B and fill up a 32B bra at Victoria's Secret. I am looking to be a full B/small C. I'm 5"6... Read more
My breast implants are high and look square. Is this normal?
Breast Augmentation - 10 answers
Hi, I had surgery on 10/13/2016. I got 405cc hp under the muscle. My implants are high and they look square. Is this normal? When will they start to take their shape? They look smaller than what I expected. Wi... Read more
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My silicone implant is 455cc, what exactly will my final size be?
Breast Augmentation - 13 answers
I was a full A, small B. My silicone implant size is 455 cc. What exacally is going to be my final size? Read more
Is there much of a difference between 375cc and 550cc silicone breast implants?
I have 375cc under the muscle silicone implants. I am having them redone and chose 550cc silicone implants, also under the muscle. Will there be much of a difference? Read more
Are Extra Large (XL) implants really unsafe?
Breast Augmentation - 15 answers
I'm a little lost on the XL implants matter, that I personally like. Are they really unsafe? What are the reasons for that? It seems most PS don't recommend/perform them. Is it by lack of experience/expertise? ... Read more
Will 485cc smooth moderate plus silicone implants over the muscle be huge?
Breast Augmentation - 19 answers
I am 5"4 and 145lbs. I am currently a 34C and would like to be a Dcup. My PS recommend a lift. I informed him i wanted implants but still want a natural look. PS recommended 485cc smooth moderate plus silicone ... Read more
If I'm a 36B, what cup size will I be after 580cc implants?
I was a 36B before getting 580cc implants yesterday. I'm just curious, what cup size might I be after they've settled? Read more
If I'm going for a Barbie doll look, will 1200cc or 1250cc help me achieve that?
Breast Augmentation - 11 answers
I am 5'7" and weigh 158 pounds. I want XL implants. My goal is to have a Barbie doll/Playboy model look. Based on my height and weight, would 1200cc or 1250cc help me achieve that? I want high projection and si... Read more
Is a 600cc silicone implant too big for me?
Breast Augmentation - 21 answers
I'm currently a large C-cup. My doctor said with 600cc I will end up around a DD. I'm fine with that but 600cc seems really big. Can my frame really handle that big of an implant and not look like Dolly Parton?... Read more
How much do only Natrelle silicone implants cost?
I had a breast lift with Natrelle silicone implants. They were so small (250cc). It has been 6 months and I still cry. What would just be the cost of the implant, not the surgery? Read more
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