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I exchanged my 400hp for 600hp. Will I still drop/fluff?
I wanted to go bigger from 400hp to 600hp both silicon. I wanted to know if I will drop and fluff at all. I had no complications just a tad uneven so the doctor made the right pocket a bit bigger. Read more
One of my saline implants ruptured, but I cannot afford removal of my implants. What can be done?
Are there doctors who will needle deflate the other breast so my breasts are symmetrical. I need something temporary until I can afford to pay for removal, which one plastic surgeon quoted at nearly $7,000. I'v... Read more
Will Inspira implants feel softer than saline?
I replaced my 8 year old saline implants with Inspira because I wanted a more natural feel and look. I am two weeks post and was told they weren't going to change much considering my skin was already stretched ... Read more
I am a natural 34D and don't want a bigger size but was advised by my PS to do a lift with augmentation.
Breast Lift - 15 answers
I am 5' 120 lbs, and want this to look natural. I really don't want bigger breasts, just better ones. Any advice? Read more
700cc mods overfilled to 1200cc
Breast Augmentation - 14 answers
i want to know is this a good fill 700 cc over to 1200cc to get that nice high projection nice side boob Barbie doll look. The real question is when Overfilling to 1200cc I need to know where to start from can ... Read more
How long do I have to wait to redo my right breast implant after surgery?
I am 2 weeks post op ... Over the muscle and one implant is larger than the other. It's driving me crazy that I have one larger breast. I would like to replace my right side with a larger implant to match. ... Read more
How much more can u fill a mentor style 1600 saline implant from a 350cc?
I am almost 4 months post op, and the swelling has gone down. They're not as big as I thought they were going to be. I am wondering if they can be filled more, and how much more they can be. Read more
I am looking to remove my over-the-muscle silicone implants. Can it be done under local anesthesia?
I've had silicone implants (over-the-muscle) for 17 years. There haven't been any complications, just want them removed. To reduce cost, and to not put my body through general anesthesia, could this be done und... Read more
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Should I worry about bottoming out again after having a capsulorrhaphy?
I had a capsulorrhaphy due to severe bottoming out after a lift with implants. My implants are still small and unders. I don't want them to drop, because now at 2 weeks post-op, they look normal. My right breas... Read more
What cup size will my girlfriend end up being?
Breast Enhancement - 10 answers
My partner just had a breast augmentation. She wanted bigger breasts and went from 450cc's to 520cc's. She is 36" in the chest, 5'3" tall and a size 12 (curvy). What cup size will she be? I love my girlfriend d... Read more
Is it common for a surgeon to refuse to insert 800 cc implants?
I want to go from 400 cc's too 800 cc's. I'm 170 pounds, 5'8'' and broad shouldered. I'm a bigger framed woman and feel that 800 cc's would give me the look I desire. My plastic surgeon said he would not go big... Read more
Will 375cc moderate with 4.2 projection and 13 diameter be enough to get a D-cup?
Breast Augmentation - 23 answers
My operation is in a few days and I find it so hard to decide on size. I am presently a 34 B ( padded ) and I am 5 foot 7 inches. I'm an athletic girl. I'm deciding between 375cc, 13 diameter, 4.2 projec... Read more
Do all saline implants ripple, even if under the muscle and with some natural breast tissue?
Breast Augmentation - 15 answers
I am a full B-cup and am wanting large implants like 650cc. Will having them placed under the muscle help conceal the rippling if I go with saline? Read more
Are the Mentor implants I'm choosing right for me?
Breast Augmentation - 19 answers
I am scheduled to get 215cc Mentor implants as I am currently a 32A (very flat chested). My goal is to have something natural and not obvious at all. Am I making the right decision, or are these implants too sm... Read more
spitting suture care
Breast Lift - 2 answers
I'm at eight weeks post op; BR/BL. Two weeks ago, I started spitting stitches. I was advised not to take off tape even when I smell pus, yet he tells me to clean area with bacitracin and cover with gauze. I can... Read more
I currently have 325 cc breast implants and I want to significantly downsize my breasts. What is the smallest size I can go?
I currently have 325 cc size breast implants and I fit into a 10E bra, which you can understand is highly disproportionate to my petite frame. I want to downsize to a full C cup. I also think I would require a ... Read more
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