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What's a ball park cost for Augmentation?
Breast Augmentation - 27 answers
I know there is a vast amount of factors that go into breast augmentation, lifts, and implant manufacturer costs alongside anesthesia, facility, meds, and other costs. But in your experience what is a ball park... Read more
After surgery both my breasts look a boxy/square at the bottom. Will I need a revision?
Breast Lift - 5 answers
5 weeks post-op breast lift with 250cc Mentor high profile implants. My breasts look a little boxy/square at the bottom. The right breast looks smaller and a little more square than the left. My right breast wa... Read more
My implant ruptured, how much would it cost for replacement surgery? Also, is my Pilates profession compromising my implants?
I'm 3 years into my first BA and I'm almost positive I have a rupture. There is pain in my left side; there always has been. Two days ago I found a gel-like mass near my armpit. I know the implants are covered... Read more
800cc over filled to 1000cc
I have questions about 800cc implants over-filled to 1000cc to achieve the Barbie doll fake look. How is this procedure performed to achieve the high profile Barbie doll fake look? Is this procedure performed o... Read more
Does 25cc's really make a difference?
Breast Augmentation - 20 answers
I'm 23 years old and very petite at 5'0. I currently go between a 32 A/B, depending on which store I am shopping in. I have met with my surgeon and we have decided 300cc; however, after thinking about it I am u... Read more
I have 375cc extra high profile implants. If I go up to 500cc's, would I see a more noticeable difference?
I have 375cc extra high profile implants. I'm going bigger as the 375cc implants are too small for me. It was the biggest size my surgeon could fit. Now that the skin has stretched, I'd like to upgrade. My surg... Read more
Why aren't silicone implants over 800cc available?
Breast Augmentation - 16 answers
Any update on a possible availability of silicone implants over 800 cc? Any ideas why they are not available yet? Is it because of safety concerns? Read more
I am very confused on what size implants to get. What should I do?
I am 5'3" 122lbs and currently have saline implants (about 330-350 but can't remember exactly). I was told my width is 12-12.5. I have been to three consultations and have had three different opinions: 1) I can... Read more
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Can I downsize my implants and still get the same shape and look that I have now?
I have had 600cc HP implants for 20 years with no pre-op sag. I would like to downsize 150 - 200cc, but want to keep the overall same shape as I have now just smaller. Is this possible? Read more
How many CC's do I need?
I want to be a full 38 DD. I am currently a 38 C with 475cc filled to 515cc. How many cc's do I need to accomplish this? I'm 48 years old, weighing 190 lbs. Read more
Why are my 700cc implants only a small C cup?
About a month and a half ago I got 700cc implants. I was a 40A cup before getting the augmentation, fairly flat chested. I'm 5'7 and 200 pounds, so I'm not a petite person. I tried on these implants pre-surgery... Read more
Can I use a dermaroller on my breast implants?
I have so many stretchmarks from my boob job I hate them so much!!! I wanted to increase my bust size for confidence but now I am back at the starting point because I'm so self conscious of my stretch marks in ... Read more
I would like my implants to sit higher on my chest. I have 400 medium profile silicone implants that were placed over the muscle. What are my options?
I would like to have my implants sit higher and to have more upper fullness. Will changing the placement of the implant to under the muscle give me the fullness I'm looking for or is there another option? Is t... Read more
How do I know if an implant has malpositioned or if the pocket has gotten too big?
Breast Augmentation - 13 answers
I had a BA a year ago. Out of nowhere last week I noticed my right breast causing me pain when I tried sleeping on my left side. It's almost as if the implant slid across the midline of my chest wall and put pr... Read more
My breasts appear to be too far apart, will they come closer together in time?
Breast Augmentation - 25 answers
I just had my breasts done. The implants were put above my muscle. I am worried they are too far apart. Will they come closer together in time? Read more
I just replaced my 650cc Mentor mod with a mastopexy and 800cc Natrelle 20 HP. Why are they so small?!
I know about the 'drop & fluff' and they take time, but they are ridiculously small. I am so disappointed. Read more
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