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I had a pocket revision surgery to lower my left breast implant because it never dropped. It seems like nothing has changed. Will my implant drop?
I had a pocket revision surgery to lower my left breast implant because it never dropped. One day after surgery the implant is in the exact same location. It looks as though my surgeon didn't do anything!! Will... Read more
How much of a cup size increase would you expect from 275cc's?
Breast Augmentation - 10 answers
I'm currently an AA cup with a narrow chest. My plastic surgeon has said that 275cc is the biggest implant he is willing to use with me. I'm interested to hear your opinion. Is this too small? How much of a cup... Read more
Are my breast still too low 8 weeks post op? I’m concerned I have a double bubble.
Breast Lift - 12 answers
I had a Lollipop lift and Mentor Silicon HP implants 400cc on my left and 425cc on my right. I feel like my breasts are still too saggy and low 8 weeks after my lollipop lift. I stated I wanted them very high a... Read more
Can I put my nipple rings back in right after surgery?
My PS said I can put my nipple rings in right after surgery so they will not close. I am getting my incision in the fold under the breast. I have heard some PS say to wait a period of time. I trust my PS and he... Read more
Is 220 cc too small for me?
Breast Augmentation - 17 answers
I am 168 cm height and 103.62 pound. The doctor I consulted with said that 220 cc would be appropriate for me because of my physical measurements. I forgot my breast cage size and others. Sorry. But, in your op... Read more
Can I tastefully go from 450 cc salines to 550 cc silicone? I'm 5 feet, 120 lbs.
I am scheduled to have my 14-year-old implants changed out. I'd like to go a tad bigger. I slide laterally, so we are also doing pocket revisions. Is 550 hp silicone too much? Read more
How many cc's equal a DD cup?
I used to be a D cup, but due to hormone problems and weight loss, I am now a B cup. How many cc's are needed to achieve a DD? Read more
How do I know if my implant has rotated?
I'm concerned about my breast; it looks like it may have rotated? It certainly isn't round like my other breast. They are 5 years old and one is round and the other is not round under the breast. It hangs next ... Read more
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My breast implants seem to be too small. Will they get or appear bigger once they've settled and healed? I'm only 3 days post-op.
Breast Augmentation - 10 answers
I had a breast augmentation three days ago. At this point, I feel like they are too small. They appear to be a B cup, when I wanted to be closer to a C or D cup. I am disappointed. Am I wrong since it's only be... Read more
Will I sag a lot when I have my implants removed? 180cc 8 years. Currently a very full 32d. What would be my new size? Will my skin recover?
I had breast augmentation when I was 17 (8 years ago) 180cc, under the muscle, I was a 32a and became a 32b/c after the surgery. It seems that my breast have grown over the past two years and now they are too l... Read more
Does high altitude (approx. 20 000 ft) have any impact on silicone implants?
Breast Augmentation - 18 answers
I am a mountain climber and have planned a trip to Pamir range with possible ascent of a 20 000 ft mountain. I also want to have my post-baby small saggy boobs fixed, but I'm worried there might be problems wit... Read more
Does a new pocket mean the same thing as removing a whole capsule?
I got cc and 7 months later had the scar tissue scored/removed with the same implant put back. I would like to have the whole capsule removed, a new pocket and new implant. Does a new pocket mean the same thing... Read more
I have severe ptosis. Would my insurance pay for a breast lift?
Breast Lift - 15 answers
I've had a natural sag to my breasts since the age of 14. Three kids later, they are hanging halfway to my navel. This 45 degree angle prevents them from draining. It causes me to have to do a 2nd mammogram wit... Read more
How long before stitches quit spitting?
I am three months out and have been spitting stitches six weeks after surgery. I understand scars take up to a year or more to mature, however incisions that were once impeccable (with current surgery) are now ... Read more
Could taking Adderall be why my breasts became very tight?
I take Adderall. My surgeon told me I could continue to take it, but as soon as I did, my breasts became very tight. Could Adderall be to blame? I'm nearly a month post-op (8-30-16). They told me to continue to... Read more
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