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Is there a different approach to a breast augmentation for someone with Keloid tendancy?
Breast Augmentation - 19 answers
I am considering a breast augmentation but I do get mild Keloid scars. How can i minimize the keloid scarring? Read more
Are the Mentor implants I'm choosing right for me?
Breast Augmentation - 19 answers
I am scheduled to get 215cc Mentor implants as I am currently a 32A (very flat chested). My goal is to have something natural and not obvious at all. Am I making the right decision, or are these implants too sm... Read more
Will 485cc smooth moderate plus silicone implants over the muscle be huge?
Breast Augmentation - 19 answers
I am 5"4 and 145lbs. I am currently a 34C and would like to be a Dcup. My PS recommend a lift. I informed him i wanted implants but still want a natural look. PS recommended 485cc smooth moderate plus silicone ... Read more
Should I get breast implants before or after I lose weight?
Breast Augmentation - 19 answers
I am 30 pounds overweight. Would it hurt to have my implants done before losing the weight? Read more
Is there a big difference between HP and moderate plus?
Breast Augmentation - 19 answers
I thought I was getting 400cc high profile silicone but my PS said they'll be 400cc moderate plus. I wanted a natural but big look, a D cup, and a small gap. Maybe that's why he chose those? Is there much diffe... Read more
Will I sag a lot when I have my implants removed? 180cc 8 years. Currently a very full 32d. What would be my new size? Will my skin recover?
I had breast augmentation when I was 17 (8 years ago) 180cc, under the muscle, I was a 32a and became a 32b/c after the surgery. It seems that my breast have grown over the past two years and now they are too l... Read more
Does high altitude (approx. 20 000 ft) have any impact on silicone implants?
Breast Augmentation - 18 answers
I am a mountain climber and have planned a trip to Pamir range with possible ascent of a 20 000 ft mountain. I also want to have my post-baby small saggy boobs fixed, but I'm worried there might be problems wit... Read more
Can I downsize my implants and still get the same shape and look that I have now?
I have had 600cc HP implants for 20 years with no pre-op sag. I would like to downsize 150 - 200cc, but want to keep the overall same shape as I have now just smaller. Is this possible? Read more
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I would like my implants to sit higher on my chest. I have 400 medium profile silicone implants that were placed over the muscle. What are my options?
I would like to have my implants sit higher and to have more upper fullness. Will changing the placement of the implant to under the muscle give me the fullness I'm looking for or is there another option? Is t... Read more
How long will it take for my breast to drop and fluff?
Breast Augmentation - 17 answers
I had breast augmentation 6 weeks ago and they seem to have settled but i'm unsure. I'm feel like they are too small. I have tried on bras and I measure into a 32DD as well as 34 C sister size (I was a 32a pri... Read more
Does a new pocket mean the same thing as removing a whole capsule?
I got cc and 7 months later had the scar tissue scored/removed with the same implant put back. I would like to have the whole capsule removed, a new pocket and new implant. Does a new pocket mean the same thing... Read more
do I have a good chance of saving my exposed implant? I'm 10days out after my surgeon reopened & cleaned out breast pocket & implant (on antibotics)
Breast Augmentation - 17 answers
Hi, I had got my boobs redone on 8/27/15. my incision opened up on 10/1/15 exposing the implant. the next day my surgeon removed the implant to attempt to save it he cleaned the breast pocket and the implant.... Read more
How many CC's would I need in order to even out?
Breast Augmentation - 17 answers
I have asymmetrical breast, I have an option of three implants, 315, 335, or 355CC (Sientra) so basically 20CC or 40CC difference. How should I go about this? My surgeon told me it was up to me, but I am so in... Read more
Is 220 cc too small for me?
Breast Augmentation - 17 answers
I am 168 cm height and 103.62 pound. The doctor I consulted with said that 220 cc would be appropriate for me because of my physical measurements. I forgot my breast cage size and others. Sorry. But, in your op... Read more
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