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What's a ball park cost for Augmentation?
Breast Augmentation - 27 answers
I know there is a vast amount of factors that go into breast augmentation, lifts, and implant manufacturer costs alongside anesthesia, facility, meds, and other costs. But in your experience what is a ball park... Read more
My breasts appear to be too far apart, will they come closer together in time?
Breast Augmentation - 25 answers
I just had my breasts done. The implants were put above my muscle. I am worried they are too far apart. Will they come closer together in time? Read more
Will 375cc moderate with 4.2 projection and 13 diameter be enough to get a D-cup?
Breast Augmentation - 23 answers
My operation is in a few days and I find it so hard to decide on size. I am presently a 34 B ( padded ) and I am 5 foot 7 inches. I'm an athletic girl. I'm deciding between 375cc, 13 diameter, 4.2 projec... Read more
What is a mommy makeover?
Mommy Makeover - 22 answers
I've heard people talking about mommy makeovers, but I'm unclear what it is. What does a mommy makeover consist of? Read more
Am I going too big?
Breast Augmentation - 21 answers
I am 32 yrs old with a 34 DD. I'm going in for a breast lift with implant 275cc for added volume. Am I going to be too big? I'm very nervous and confused. Read more
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Is a 600cc silicone implant too big for me?
Breast Augmentation - 21 answers
I'm currently a large C-cup. My doctor said with 600cc I will end up around a DD. I'm fine with that but 600cc seems really big. Can my frame really handle that big of an implant and not look like Dolly Parton?... Read more
Is it possible to special order narrow implants, but ones that project and look natural?
My chest is narrow, so I believe I need narrow implants. The thing is, I want the implants to project and have a natural shape. Is it possible to special order implants with what I've described? Read more
Two weeks after having my breast augmentation, my left breast is still hard and has not dropped. Is this normal?
Breast Augmentation - 20 answers
I am 2 weeks post-op. The left implant is 560cc and the right one is 520cc. Both were placed under the muscle. I commenced massage after 1 week but the left side is still quiet hard and not dropping. I can't fe... Read more
My left breast is slightly bigger than the right. Should I go with 2 different size implants or keep the same size?
Breast Augmentation - 20 answers
my breast diameter is 10cm - implants chosen: 485cc L 520cc R - 55FF projection, Allegran High profile submuscular placement. After trying on these sizes, I feel there is a noticeable difference in size and hav... Read more
If you overfill 800cc breast implants to 1200cc would this give you the same look as 1200cc?
Breast Augmentation - 20 answers
I want the fake Barbie doll high projected look. I want to know what I am getting before I get my breast done. Read more
How many CC's do I need?
I want to be a full 38 DD. I am currently a 38 C with 475cc filled to 515cc. How many cc's do I need to accomplish this? I'm 48 years old, weighing 190 lbs. Read more
Does 25cc's really make a difference?
Breast Augmentation - 20 answers
I'm 23 years old and very petite at 5'0. I currently go between a 32 A/B, depending on which store I am shopping in. I have met with my surgeon and we have decided 300cc; however, after thinking about it I am u... Read more
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